Our Segments

A leading provider of defense technologies for our customers in every military domain.

For more than 50 years, Leonardo DRS has built a legacy of technology leadership by providing advanced defense products, systems and solutions for the U.S. Department of Defense and allied customers. As a diverse and agile defense technology company, we are uniquely positioned to deliver solutions as a prime contractor, a systems, sub-system, or a component level provider. With an innovative workforce, our platform-agnostic technologies are fielded on thousands of military platforms worldwide.

Advanced Sensing & Computing

The organization has been aligned to push towards a more autonomous future. Autonomy is predicated on the integration of our advanced sensing and computing systems, together sensing and making sense of the domain around the platform. With solutions on nearly every military platform, we have a large installed base, and a historic track record of providing world class solutions. This sensing footprint coupled with the computing infrastructure on both U.S. Army ground vehicles, U.S. Navy vessels, and the majority of US Air Force platforms, has the company positioned uniquely for success in leading the future of sensing. The Advanced Sensing and Computing segment consists of six business units (Airborne & Intelligence Systems, Daylight Solutions, DRS RADA Technologies, Electro-Optical & Infrared Systems, Land Electronics, and Naval Electronics).

Integrated Mission Systems

The Integrated Mission Systems (IMS) segment consists of both a ground vehicle integrator (Land Systems) and naval power and propulsion system provider (Naval Power Systems). These business units provide solutions using the ‘best available’ technology to satisfy our customers’ needs. The best available technology consists of a combination of internally produced products and technologies, and externally sourced solutions. We continue to use the IMS segment as an avenue to accelerate the use of our Sensing and Computing equipment for the various services.

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