Doing Business with Leonardo DRS

Leonardo DRS holds its products and services to the highest standards of excellence. To do so, we must hold our suppliers to those same standards.

We form close partnerships with each of our suppliers. Working together to produce superior and safe products in an environmentally responsible, ethical and compliant manner, while conforming with all applicable laws, regulations and contractual obligations.

Our suppliers are critical to our ability to continue delivering innovative solutions to our customers. To be considered as a potential supplier, complete the registration form.

Terms & Conditions, Certs & Reps, and Quality Clauses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Working with small business builds our supplier diversity and gives us a chance to mentor.

Leonardo DRS believes in working with customers, colleagues and suppliers to mitigate cyber risks.

Before contacting Leonardo DRS, learn more about the types of products that each unit produces.

Leonardo DRS upholds a strong moral code. As such, we do not transact with counterfeit materials.

Leonardo DRS does not acquire minerals from known conflict zones – and does not support those who do.

Leonardo DRS places the highest importance upon our reputation for honesty, integrity and high standards.