Multi-Mission, Software-Defined, Tactical AESA Radars for the Maneuver Force

Leonardo DRS’s air surveillance radars are the system of choice for current and emerging tactical Integrated Air & Missile Defense weapon systems, whether they are focused on guns, missiles, directed energy, or other threat defeat technologies. Our tactical drone detection radar systems are also ideal gap-fillers, complementing medium and long-range air surveillance systems for maximal protection on the battlefield. Leonardo DRS’s combat radars have a variety of installations and applications: fixed or deployable/maneuverable, on-the-move onboard tactical land vehicles or aboard littoral combat and patrol ships.


Leonardo DRS’ advanced compact, lightweight radar sit at the heart of combat-proven Active Protection Systems (APS), Vehicle Protection Systems (VPS), and Hostile Fire Detection (HFD) applications.

Our multi-mission active electronically-scanned array (AESA) 4D pulse Doppler systems rapidly detect, track and classify all relevant threats – small arms, RPGs, ATGMs, and tank rounds.

Advanced Cutting-Edge Technology for Combat Demands

Leonardo DRS’ latest generation radars support the demand for vehicle protection through the highest performance capabilities:

  • Fast and accurate, multiple simultaneous hostile fire detection
  • Multi-mission operation in heavily cluttered and saturated environments
  • Ballistic protection
  • Our family of radars meet and surpass all APS, VPS & HFD operational challenges, making them compliant with the most military standards


Leonardo DRS’ tactical radars are deployed by leading armed forces for Counter Rocket, Artillery, and Mortar (C-RAM) Sense & Warn missions. Our systems detect, track and classify all types of elevated fire during critical missions.

Total Battlefield Awareness

Our radar systems deliver the full spectrum capability needed by tactical forces to make the fastest, most effective response to any aerial attack:

  • Immediate detect and track of hostile fire
  • Fast, accurate location of point of origin (POO) & point of impact (POI)
  • Extremely high probability of detection with very low false-alarm rate
  • Early visual / audio alert / warning of incoming threats
  • Data sharing over Ethernet to external C4I systems

Our radars also support friendly fire ranging, significantly improving hit accuracy.


Leonardo DRS’ all-threat tactical air surveillance radar systems detect, classify, and track all types of aerial threats from small slow and lows to high-performance aircrafts, UAVs, missiles, rockets and mortars.

They are the ideal sensors for MANPAD, VSHORAD, SHORAD, mid-range, and tactical IAMD systems.

Air Defense and C-UAS

Leonardo DRS’ air surveillance and Counter-Unmanned Aerial Systems (C-UAS) radar systems are the chosen solution for current and emerging tactical integrated air & missiles, directed energy, jamming, and other threat defeat technologies. These tactical air defense radar systems are also ideal gap fillers, complementing short and medium-range air surveillance systems.

Main Advantages

  • Combat-proven
  • Compact and mobile for tactical applications to support on-the-move (OTM) operations
  • Superior price-performance ratio
  • Extremely high elevation coverage
  • Can be easily integrated via Ethernet interface

Hemispheric Surveillance Radar Systems

Leonardo DRS’ hemispheric surveillance radar systems provide comprehensive border and perimeter surveillance through detection, classification, and tracking of surface and aerial intruders such as pedestrians, vehicles, slow and low aircraft (drones), and small vessels.

System of Choice

Leonardo DRS’ hemispheric surveillance radar systems are the solution of choice for borders, coast lines, and critical infrastructures. These radar systems can be integrated with any C4I system and other radars/sensors using a standard Ethernet interface. They can operate as a stand-alone system or as part of a large-scale vehicle-mounted or static surveillance radar system.


Advancements in Tactical Expeditionary Radars

Leonardo DRS’s air surveillance radars are the system of choice for current and emerging tactical Integrated Air & Missile Defense weapon systems.