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Leonardo DRS Pledges Support to the Anchor Scholarship Foundation

Leonardo DRS is pledging its support to the Anchor Scholarship Foundation and their mission to make college more affordable for U.S. Surface Navy families. It’s an investment in deserving scholars and everything that they will bring to our communities, to this country and to the world.

Anchor Scholarship Foundation exists to make college more affordable for Surface Navy families. It’s an investment in deserving scholars and everything that they will bring to our communities, to this country and to the world.

Freedom is not free. It is paid for with the sacrifices of the extraordinary men and women defending our nation. However, these service members do not bear this responsibility alone. Their families face unique challenges brought on by frequent moves and new schools and multiple deployments. Certainly, all families face hard challenges; but those faced by military families redefines hard.

Taking on surmountable college debt should not be one of these challenges. For over 40 years, Anchor Scholarship Foundation has served its mission to “make college more affordable for U.S. Surface Navy families.” This is why, since our inception, we have awarded over $1,300,000 in scholarships to over 1,200 eligible family members.

Anchor scholarships are awarded based upon an equal weighting of academic performance, character, extracurricular activities and financial need. These scholarships go beyond just mitigating the cost for a college education; they validate the hard work, dedication and sacrifices of our amazing Navy family members.

There are several different types of scholarships; all of which can be applied for with ONE scholarship application:

  • Anchor Scholarships: Awarded to dependents of Surface-qualified U.S. Navy sailors who meet the eligibility criteria. Anchor Scholarships range from $2,000 – $2,750. These scholarships are made possible by donations made to the Foundation’s Annual Fund.
  • Administered Scholarships: The Administered Scholarship Program was established in 2016, and allows a company or individual the ability to fund a scholarship in their name that as additional selection criteria (e.g., command dependent, officer or enlisted dependent, STEM student, geographic location). A minimum donation of $2,500 is required to establish an administered scholarship, and an administrative fee is assessed.
  • Endowed Scholarships: Our endowed scholarships typically honor a favorite command, person or company, and range in size depending on the amount of the gift used to establish the endowment fund. Each endowed scholarship fund is a legacy of the honoree and provides funding for the scholarship in perpetuity. These scholarships may be renewable or annual, and may require additional selection criteria.

Your support mitigates the debt our Surface Navy families incur as they pursue a college education. Help us continue to impact the lives of our Surface Navy dependents.

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Investing in U.S. Surface Navy Families through Higher Education Scholarships!

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Our Sponsored Scholars

Evan Brown, Washington D.C.

Scholarship: $3,000 Annual Anchor Scholarship sponsored by Leonardo DRS
College: Marist College
Major: Computer Science
2023-2024: Sophomore

Academic and Extracurricular Highlights:

  • 3.64 College GPA
  • Men’s Crew Team – Marist College
  • Honolulu Rowing Club Member


“Without a doubt, the applicant has my recommendation as an exemplary student. He is an organized, intelligent, and capable young man who has demonstrated excellence in all that he puts his mind to.”

Karina Polo Lung – Teacher

“It is particularly an honor to receive a scholarship from an organization tied to my father’s time on the sea in the Navy. I am grateful for removing some of the burden from my parents…studying in my field of choice—Computer Science. I plan to be on the front line in understanding the advancements in technology and the risks they pose to companies’ and individuals’ security. I will continue volunteering and/or coaching water sports wherever my future cybersecurity career may take me.”

Evan Brown

Julianne de Castro, Fairfax Station, Virginia

Scholarship: $3,000 Annual Anchor Scholarship sponsored by Leonardo DRS
College: Tufts University
Major: Environmental Science/Biology
2023-2024: Sophomore

Academic and Extracurricular Highlights:

  • 3.62 College GPA
  • College Club Swim Team Member
  • “Researcher in Training” at Duke-NUS Cancer Research and Stem Cell Biology Lab


“I can say without a doubt, she is one of the best our country has to officer. She is a highly talented and hardworking young woman with tremendous academic and public service potential. She is wrapping up a successful freshman year at Tufts clearly demonstrating her academic prowess.”

Edward Crossman – CAPT, USN

“I can’t thank you enough for your generous support…. As a military child with a transient lifestyle, I feel indebted to the many communities around the world which have shaped me to be the person I am today. I believe my academic endeavors in these fields will provide me with the foundation to make a meaningful impact on my physical and social environments, so I thank you again for giving me the opportunity to continue these pursuits at university.”

Julianne de Castro

Griffin Thompson, Boiling Springs, South Carolina

Scholarship: $2,750 Annual Anchor Scholarship sponsored by Leonardo DRS
College: Yale University
Major: History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health
2021-2022: Freshman

Academic and Extracurricular Highlights:

  • 5.51 High School GPA
  • Founder & Director, Lil Lifesaverz 501(c)(3) non profit teaching health education, coordinating health events and lead health equity campaigns.
  • Founder STEM Outreach Program at the Upstate Boys and Girls Club which crafted and taught STEM curriculum focused on issue of innovation in nature preservation


“I have proudly witnessed Griffin’s commitment to academic excellence, leadership development, and entrepreneurial endeavors. Academically, Griffin is highly participatory, eager to learn, and a team player. He consistently performs beyond expectations.”

Lyndsey Henderson, English Instructor

“The Anchor Scholarship has lifted a financial burden from my family and made my dream of attending Yale University more affordable. In addition to the financial support of this scholarship, it has been extremely satisfying to see my dad’s military service honored in such a tangible and beneficial manner.”

Griffin Thompson