Navy SEAL Foundation

Leonardo DRS pledges support to the Navy SEAL Foundation and Its mission to provide critical support for the warriors, veterans, and families of Naval Special Warfare

Leonardo DRS is excited to announce its new partnership with the Navy SEAL Foundation (NSF), America’s premier non-profit organization serving the Naval Special Warfare (NSW) community. The partnership is part of Leonardo DRS’ ongoing commitment to America’s military service members, their families, and our veterans.

Leonardo DRS provides sponsorships and grants for causes that support our U.S. Armed Forces, the health and education of children, and community and civic initiatives to improve the quality of life in and around our Leonardo DRS communities.



Building Capabilities & Reducing Stressors

The members of the SEAL community and their families are incredibly strong. But even our most elite team benefits from a support structure that reduces the various stressors in their lives, and builds their capabilities. Programs under our Strength Pillar provide assistance to active duty service members in the form of respite care, morale-building events, command all-calls, and much more.


Addressing Tragedy & Aiding Recovery

NSF is there for the warriors, veterans and families of NSW when the worst happens; to assist with tragedy, and aid in recovery. Programs under the Resilience Pillar help families of the fallen (Gold Star Families) with immediate financial assistance to cover costs associated with the dignified transfer of remains and memorial services, and travel expenses. NSF continues to provide a variety of vital services to children, spouses, and parents of fallen warriors in the years following their loss including grief counseling, retreats, remembrance gifts, and specialized kids camps.


Enhancing Physical & Mental Wellness

Life in NSW can take its toll on our warriors and their families, both physically and mentally. When an active duty SEAL or SWCC is injured or becomes critically ill, programs under the Health Pillar provide financial and logistical support so their focus can be on healing. NSF also provides assistance when family members become critically ill. In addition, many of our service members and veterans deal with the chronic effects of sustained combat.


Providing Scholarships & Development Opportunities

Inside the Navy SEAL community, school and development opportunities can be a challenge. This is true for both warriors and families. Programs under the Education Pillar empower active-duty NSW personnel, their spouses and children, as well as our SEAL and SWCC post-9/11 veterans and their children, by awarding scholarships for higher education. NSF also supports quality education options for dependent children in geographically separated duty locations where choices matter to the overall success of the student.


Empowering Connections & Preserving Legacy

The SEAL community is built on a proud tradition that goes back to the UDTs of WWII. This history and heritage is one of extraordinary achievements and exceptional courage. The deeds of these warriors deserve to be remembered and recognized. And for the community itself, we must do all we can to keep them connected through unique support. Programs under the Community Pillar empower the continuation of this brotherhood and their families through things like summer camps, veteran reconnect events, and legacy preservation. NSF also provides financial support for national memorials and monuments and other tradition enriching activities.

Honoring Navy SEALs

The Naval Special Warfare (NSW) community is the most elite fighting force in the world. The Navy SEAL foundation is there to support these warriors and their families at home.