Future Commercial Satellite Communications Services Acquisition

The Future Commercial Satellite Communications (COMSATCOM) Services Acquisition (FCSA) program provides a comprehensive set of acquisition tools which are intended to replace expiring DISA and GSA contracts and create a common marketplace for all government customers to acquire COMSATCOM services.

The FCSA Program has two components:

1. Transponder Capacity & Subscription Services - #GS-35F-0148S

The Schedule 70 Contract awarded to DRS Technologies is contract #GS-35F-0148S and includes the following SINs:

  • Transponder Capacity (SIN 132-54)
  • Subscription Services (SIN 132-55)

2. Custom SATCOM Solutions (CS2) - #GS00Q12NRD4006

The CS2 Contract awarded to DRS Technologies is contract #GS00Q12NRD4006 and is used to provide customer defined, end-to-end satellite solutions, consisting of a combination of bandwidth, teleport access, equipment, terrestrial tail circuits, network management, and engineering services.

CS2 end-to-end satellite solutions support:

  • Interactive voice, video, or data networks for applications such as distance learning and telemedicine.
  • Broadcast satellite services with network operations and management support.
  • Network diversity/continuity of operations (COOP) networks such as VSAT backup networks.
  • Emergency response and disaster recovery communications systems.
  • Long duration, baseline communications services and infrastructure to support enduring user requirements.
  • Short duration communications services to support temporary user requirements.
  • Communications on the move solutions for Department of Defense (DoD) applications.

Solutions include:

  • Satellite transport (bandwidth);
  • Fixed or mobile satellite service, and
  • Service-enabling components such as terminals, handsets, and tail circuits with engineering services to integrate, operate, and maintain the solution.