Power & Propulsion

Delivering advanced power and propulsion solutions that perform in the harshest environments.

Our advanced naval power and propulsion capabilities provide the U.S. Navy and allied navies with next-generation power capabilities for current and future surface and submarine fleets.

Our electric power and storage capabilities are enabling platforms with today’s significantly increased power needs, to operate new sensors, laser weapons, directed energy, and communications and computing systems.

Our leading capabilities range from providing the next generation of electrical propulsion system to power the Navy’s highest priority program, the Columbia-class ballistic missile submarine fleet, to advanced hybrid electric drive systems for U.S. and international naval applications, and ground vehicle-based on-board vehicle power solutions providing U.S. and allied forces the energy they need anytime.

Leonardo DRS power and propulsion solutions have delivered outstanding availability for decades. Our systems provide the most reliable, flexible, and cost-effective power and propulsion systems available, and perform in the harshest marine and battlefield environments.