2kW Export Power Vehicle Inverter

Reliable Power in Harsh Environments, When and Where you Need It


John Chou

DRS Power Solutions

Bridgeport, CT 06606


+1 203 683 8284


DRS Technologies delivers quality, customer focused power conversion solutions wherever mission critical operations require it. When operating in isolated, demanding locations, the U.S. Military needs reliable mobile power options. Our 2kW export power inverter converts 28VDC battery power to clean 120VAC mobile power to meet the increased power needs of today’s vehicles.

Our inverters are a game changing replacement for on-board or tow-behind generators, turning vehicles into reliable power sources, simplifying operations, reducing logistical burdens, and allowing greater productivity and cost efficiency. Our 2kW inverter is tactical micro-grid compliant, allowing the vehicle to connect to the grid when necessary.

Designed to out-perform the competition in harsh conditions, DRS’ 2kW inverter is sealed against sand, dust, and water. It is submersible up to 1 meter, and can maintain output power up to 80°C.


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