Sedona Geolocation System

Detect, record and locate battle space emitters from land, sea or sky.


Airborne & Intelligence Systems

Signal Solutions (SS)

1 Milestone Center Court

Germantown, MD 20876 USA


Using an advanced Aperture Statistical Imaging (AS) technique for geolocation, the Sedona geolocates targets in real time and provides map-based information on an intuitive graphic display. With this critical information, pilots and warfighters are able to make immediate informed decisions that could save lives.

Sedona Geolocation System

The DRS Sedona system is a mobile Direction Finding (DF) capability that precisely locates RF signal sources using an Aperture Statistical Imaging (ASI) technique.

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Integrated Electronic Warfare

DRS offers an EW System, with comprehensive training and maintenance, that provides complete situational awareness of the enemy and their communications, fires and weapons systems

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