Stationkeeping GEN-VI Formation Position System (FPS) Requirements

Maintain close coordination between aircraft in a combat zone.


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More and more, operators need to maintain reliable Global Positioning System (GPS) independent situational awareness among airlift platforms. This requires robust radio frequency network performance for autonomous teams.

The DRS Stationkeeping GEN-VI Formation Position System (FPS) Requirements provides this wireless collaboration, for both unmanned and manned air and ground platforms. It delivers low-latency situational awareness, providing collision avoidance warnings for safety-of-flight and RF infrastructure information. It is the only current system that combines this low latency with data rate, deterministic behavior and safety of flight characteristics for use in critical airlift missions.

This is all made possible through data fusion of inertial navigation system, GPS and direct measurements, making GPS-independent measurements of time, range, range rate and azimuth. Designed for low probability of detection and anti-jam scenarios, it utilizes software designed waveforms that are robust in multi-path and high-dynamic maneuvers. Key applications include tactical airdrop, multi-ship covert insertion, airfield seizure and hostage recovery.

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