Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities

High Fidelity, High Accuracy Live Simulations for Combat Air Forces


As the world’s premier provider of high-performance airborne and ground system air combat training technologies, Leonardo DRS provides air forces the capability to autonomously test and train anywhere, anytime with proven, reliable, range-less test capability.




Encryption Security

Encryption Integration

Our unified approach to cybersecurity protects all levels of classified information with focused efforts in securing associated systems and resources. Our qualified employees have integrated numerous encryption and data guard solutions for air combat training systems and other airborne system data links. We deliver low risk solutions to meet cyber requirements for airborne network instrumentation and ground system applications. Our experience integrating encryption and trusted guard capabilities into air combat training systems is second to none.



Live Virtual Constructive Training

Live, Virtual & Constructive (LVC) Training

From an environment involving real people operating real systems, to a completely simulated environment involving imitation systems, Leonardo DRS has the live, virtual & constructive capabilities to enable a complete training solution.



Embedded Aircraft Training

Embedded Aircraft Training

In collaboration with our partners, we integrate embedded training software applications with our Live Air Combat Training products. An example of this capability is our M346 aircraft Embedded Tactical Training System that enables embedded training through interoperability with the P5 Combat Training System.



Electronic Warfare Threat Aircrew Training

Electronic Warfare Threat Aircrew Training

Real-time, open air emulation of threat radars for combat training and tactics development. With offerings ranging from low cost, low fidelity, short range systems to full effective radiated power fifth generation threats. We provide solutions for missions ranging from single emitters to entire integrated electronic warfare threat ranges.



Electronic Warfare Simulators

Electronic Warfare Simulators

Fielded, full effective radiated power, high fidelity systems representing the most current threats, and providing critical stimulation of aircraft onboard electronic warfare systems allowing for total operational test and evaluation support.



Display Debrief

Display & Debrief

A display and debriefing system for air combat training featuring 3D solid-fill graphics and data displays for real-time operations and post-flight replay. Instructors can create, modify and manage a variety of mission scenario templates, providing a quick and streamlined learning environment based on a simple platform.



Sustainment Depot

Sustainment & Depot

On-site or depot-level maintenance and repair of parts, assemblies, or sub-assemblies for all Leonardo DRS training products to ensure maximum availability and reliability. Most notable capabilities include conducting engineering investigations; analysis and diagnostics of failures and deficiency reports submitted by end users; and deriving corrective measures and incorporating modifications and enhancements into end items. Our team is experienced in generating failure reports and implementing engineering change proposals for corrective measures.



Custom Air Combat Training

Custom Solutions

All of our air combat training systems can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements as well as designed to meet U.S. export requirements. We work directly with aircraft prime contractors to collaborate on solutions and the integration of our products on numerous platforms.