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Powered by DRS

New from a leading manufacturer of industrial video solutions, Industrial Video & Control (IVC) offers its Industrial Thermal Vision line of camera systems Powered by DRS.

IVC’s radiometric thermal cameras are used to monitor temperatures in industrial processes and equipment and identify hot spots, overheating and structural weaknesses before a failure occurs. The cameras continuously record temperatures in up to six user-defined zones and communicate alarms to a plant’s control system via OPC or MODBUS/TCP when temperature deviations are detected. IVC’s radiometric cameras are ideal for food processing, metals manufacturing, engine test cell monitoring, coal production, and flare stack monitoring.

Product Detail


  • IP66, NEMA 4-rated industrial enclosures complete with unique ruggedized housings
  • Dynamic range of -40°C to 550°C, with multiple resolutions and fields of view options
  • Complete with built-in intelligence to allow for integration with IVC’s video monitoring software and other third-party process control systems
  • IP ready with PoE versions available
Viento 67

FV-3543-1is a radiometric thermal IP camera specifically designed for industrial environments. Housed in a rugged enclosure suitable for harsh environments; at its core is a radiometric microbolometer sensor Powered by DRS that monitors temperature changes in industrial processes.

  • The FV-3543-1 integrates the Leonardo DRS' Precision radiometric 320x240 thermal imaging technology.
  • Continuously captures thermal images and radiometric temperature values, encodes the data, and relays it to an IVC video monitoring system.
  • If an abnormal temperature change is detected, a built in alarm is triggered.

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Viento 67

FV-3543-2is a thermal IP network camera housed in a rugged, stainless steel enclosure rated IP66 for use in harsh industrial environments.

  • The FV-3543-2 integrates the Leonardo DRS' 17-micron 320x240 thermal imaging technology.
  • Includes an integrated vortex cooler to enable deployment in hot environments and features an integrated air knife to keep the lens clean in dusty environments.

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