Joining a panel alongside defense veterans Clayton Jones, former CEO of Rockwell Collins, and Robert Stevens, former CEO of Lockheed Martin, Lynn explores what the DoD can do to establish a global defense system among the United States and our allies. 

Creating a new system for technology development — Federated Defense

ARLINGTON, VA, November 12, 2014 -- The Center for Strategic and International Studies is dedicated to developing a new system for the development of defense technology, one based on a deeper level of cooperation between the United States and our allies. This Federated Defense considers collaboration between governments on a larger scale in order to leverage the best technology, regardless of origin, while sharing costs.

Throughout the panel discussion, the panelists agreed that this global collaboration has been happening for years on a micro scale, on projects such as liquid-crystal displays and the nuclear partnership with the United Kingdom. However, panelists felt that, on a macro scale, the system requires that the DoD lower barriers standing in the way of commercial and international collaboration in order to create a truly Federated Defense system.