Speaking at the 2013 Foreign Ownership, Control or Influence (FOCI) conference, Bill highlighted the importance of a global technology, as well as the importance of maintaining confidentiality of critical information within this global network. 

Maintaining cybersecurity in a global defense market

ARLINGTON, VA, April 1, 2013 -- Allied Scientists have collaborated on some of the most impactful defense developments in history. The Manhattan Project, for example, utilized the greatest minds from Britain, Italy, Austria and Denmark.

As defense budgets continue to grow smaller, the need to foster global relationships will continue to increase, spurring continued global collaboration on tomorrow’s most important innovations.

However, as lines are blurred between nations and allies, and the threat of cyberterrorism looms, how can we ensure that confidential information remains protected in the most protected possible way?

A large part of this may start with DSS. They can work with FOCI companies like ours to shape and tailor compliance programs that fit our unique needs. Already, DSS has established a Cyber Security Division to identify threats and reduce vulnerabilities. They have signed a memo of understanding with the Defense Information Systems Agency defining roles and responsibilities concerning contractor classified IT systems. They have trained to execute Command Cyber Readiness Inspections. And perhaps most importantly, they have presented a unified DoD face to the compliance community. Simplifying the structure for us all.

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