Providing Information and Communications Technology, Anywhere

By Defense Daily, December 2020

Delivering mission-critical communications across the globe requires a proven partner capable of securing your data and ensuring resiliency with a robust, “no-fail” information and communication technology (ICT) ecosystem.

As the top satellite communications integrator for the federal government, Leonardo DRS remains the leader for premier ICT solutions. Leonardo DRS has built a legacy with its extensive Global Communications Network (GCN) and its experience efficiently delivering SATCOM solutions, and will continue to meet future demands with its complete end-to-end ICT solutions.

Gus Anderson, senior director of business development for Leonardo DRS’ Global Enterprise Solutions, points to the GCN as the fulcrum for offering top-of-the-line ICT integration serviceicts with the ability to seamlessly transition between both commercial and military satellite systems. “This is a network that hits five continents, littoral and blue waters, in such a manner, that if you put a satellite terminal anywhere on Earth between 65° North and 65° South, we can have you on our network within four hours,” Anderson said.

The Leonardo DRS GCN is built on a tried-and- tested terrestrial infrastructure that includes redundant transcontinental and undersea fiber, microwave networks, geographically diverse teleports, and twelve core network nodes to deliver resilient communications that meet the most stringent customer requirements. To ensure that the confidentially, integrity, and availability of all network traffic meets customer requirements, the GCN is operated and managed 24-hours a day, seven days a week, all year long by the Leonard DRS state-of-the-art global network operations and security center.

“We own the equipment that manages the GCN, and we have long-term leases with the terrestrial providers,” Anderson said. “We will have control, ownership, and management of the Global Communications Network for decades to come. This gives our customers the confidence to know they have a communications partner that can provide them reliable, resilient and secure global reach now, and for the foreseeable duration of any contract and beyond.”

As a SATCOM integrator, Leonardo DRS remains focused on ensuring every customer receives the most efficiently delivered bandwidth possible to meet all network requirements. “When the federal government puts out a Request For Proposal, we find the best solution using the best available bandwidth in the marketplace – meaning the bandwidth that will most readily serve the mission of the government – but also is at a reasonable cost. We do this by leveraging our long-standing relationships with the satellite operators along with our industry knowledge and innovative approach to ICT engineering,” Anderson said.

Leonardo DRS continues to further its standing as the federal government’s top SATCOM integrator, with major programs like Special Operations Command’s Global Access Network, as well as long standing efforts such as providing network services for remote areas’ health care and education with Universal Service Administrative Company. The portfolio for premier COMSATCOM support has also included Army Materiel Command, the Marine Corps’ III Marine Expeditionary Force in Afghanistan, FEMA, USAID as well as the African Union Commission. “We pride 4 ourselves on our capability to be able to switch back and forth between commercial and military satellite networks,” Anderson said. “And we do that quickly, capably, securely, and on demand.” With increasingly complex threats aimed at challenging lines of communication, Leonardo DRS is delivering services with the highest consideration for cyber security. The GCN is currently authorized by the U.S. Government to operate as moderate, moderate, high under NIST Risk Management Framework (RMF) standards. Leonardo DRS provides the assurance that all customers can safely share their vital information in real-time over a cyber-resilient network. “We provide one of the only commercial global networks with an active U.S. Government RMF assessment and authorization,” Anderson said. “Not only do we have this resilient network, but it also has the cyber security component to it that is very unique within the industry.” Leonardo DRS is dedicated to supporting customers with a “no-fail” Information and Communications Technology ecosystem to ensure all operations are resilient, secure and seamless. This is based on a commitment to building in multiple redundancies to ensure automatic alternate routes are always available and that data reaches its endpoint securely and uncorrupted. The GCN’s massive terrestrial infrastructure and unlimited redundancy provides assurance to customers that Leonardo DRS’ “no-fail” network will meet the most demanding network service requirements.

Now, with an eye to the future, Leonardo DRS is exploring burgeoning possibilities for integrating Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites into its ICT Ecosystem, by recently establishing a new research partnership with a LEO satellite operator. Anderson said, “Leonardo DRS is a growing leader in identifying the LEO market’s potential for meeting both DoD and Federal requirements for communications requiring lower latency to the tactical edge.

Leonardo DRS is here to meet the demanding operational requirements for the future, building on its “no-fail” ICT ecosystem and robust GCN to deliver turnkey, mission-critical end-to-end network solutions. From world-class enterprise support to a commitment to capability innovation, the company is poised to continue leading the way for successful, complex SATCOM integration services.