Leonardo DRS Launches AC2ES – Advanced A-PNT Solution that Offers Schedule, Cost and Capability Advantages

September 14, 2021

Advanced A-PNT Solution that Offers Schedule, Cost and Capability Advantages

ARLINGTON, VA, September 14, 2021  ̶   Leonardo DRS, Inc. announced that it has introduced an advanced and cost-effective Assured Position Navigation and Timing (A-PNT) solution to counter anti-Global Positioning System threats while improving the functionality of a range of combat-critical networking platforms.

The Leonardo DRS AC2ES (A-PNT Converged Computing – Embedded and Scalable) provides A-PNT information in Global Positioning System-threatened environments by using a range of technologies.  It is designed for integration in, or designed as an embedded solution, with advanced off-the-shelf systems that provide cost-effective and scalable A-PNT capability for all vehicle platforms currently using the lineup of Leonardo DRS hardware solutions.

The A-PNT technology is designed to operate within existing Leonardo DRS systems giving warfighters in combat vehicle platforms a distinct advantage over similar technology, as users can manage A-PNT functions with familiar hardware. Operators use one screen through a graphical user interface they are already familiar with providing improved situational awareness. AC2ES converges best of breed A-PNT capabilities with cyber-hardened computing to deliver flexible and tailorable options for mounted forces, including A-PNT distribution/sharing with other, on platform systems.

“The threats posed by near-peer competitors require an expeditious fielding of A-PNT capabilities to overcome GPS-denied environments and AC2ES was designed to provide a cost-effective and scalable menu of A-PNT capabilities to provide our customers with procurement and fielding options,” said Bill Guyan, senior vice president and general manager of the Leonardo DRS Land Electronics business.  “The challenges of modernization budget constraints demand innovative solutions that improve the affordability of new capabilities; and we’re excited to offer our customers this unique technology to rapidly – and more affordably – achieve modernization objectives in support of Multi-Domain Operations.”

AC2ES benefits users by providing a scalable A-PNT solution with modular upgrade options, making it tailorable to mission requirements. This design also integrates Leonardo DRS’ Edge-Assured™ cyber protection for enhanced system protection and mission-critical user confidence.

The technology provides A-PNT information in Global Positioning System-threatened environments by using a range of technologies from anti-jam and anti-spoofing, M-Code receivers, image-based terminal, and inertial measurement units. The convergence of these technologies into a platform Processing Unit eliminates the need for a separate A-PNT LRU, providing advanced and next generation A-PNT capabilities not currently available with existing stand-alone single purpose alternatives.

AC2ES has the ability to serve as an interim, or “bridge” capability, providing our Army and USMC customers engaged in modernization with options that can reduce costs and accelerate A-PNT capability insertion.  Leonardo DRS is developing a next-generation solution based on future customer requirements and forward-looking innovation.

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