Introducing AC²ES (A-PNT Converged Computer – Embedded & Scalable)

AC²ES is the solution to GPS disruption – a capability designed to provide Assured Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (A-PNT) information at all times. 

Leonardo DRS A-PNT SolutionDeveloped with efficiency in mind, AC²ES is embedded in our widely used Data Distribution Unit – Expandable (DDUx) II. The DDUx II and military variants are currently fielded on over 150,000 vehicles meaning this capability can be easily implemented without additional space or weight requirements.

Convergence with the DDUx II also allows for ease of use as A-PNT is embedded into the Battle Management System (BMS). The vehicle operator can use the BMS’s Graphical User Interface (GUI) to view and manage GPS and A-PNT functions on a single screen. In addition, A-PNT distribution to all vehicle equipment is supported.

AC²ES is able to provide Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) information by augmenting the standard GPS PNT source. This is achieved through technologies such as:

  • Anti-jam technology
  • Anti-spoof technology
  • M-code receivers
  • Image-based terminal
  • Inertial measurement units

A fusion engine combines system components in order to provide a reliable, GPS-denied navigation solution during real world jamming and/or spoofing attacks. This is hosted in the BMS and can be controlled via its GUI.

AC²ES Highlights

  • Utilizes existing space claim - no need for additional space, weight, or safety certifications
  • Tailorable and scalable architecture
  • Powerful Intel® Xeon Quad Core processor hosts several softwares including: PNT fusion, vision navigation, A-PNT user interface, spoofing/jamming detection
  • A-PNT User Interface: 12” touch-screen display and full-size keyboard
  • Supports A-PNT Distribution to all vehicle equipment
  • Easily swap out or add new components
  • Reduced training requirement to a single LRU
  • TRL 9, cyber-hardened hardware
  • Built by the Leonardo DRS Smart Manufacturing Center of Excellence

Internal / External Options

  • M-Code Receiver
  • LEO Receiver
  • Internal IMU with compass
  • Internal Timing Holdup 
  • External IMU/INS (various)
  • Vehicle Odometery
  • Video Sensors 

Vision Navigation

  • Multiple options depending on sensor configuration
    • Single front
    • Dual: front/rear
    • Full 360
  • Multiple vision navigation algorithm options optimized for a variety of environments from open desert to congested urban

PNT Distribution

  • RF distribution
    • Feeds into existing GPS antenna inputs of legacy devices, like DAGR or tactical radios
  • VICTORY Ethernet
  • Serial
    • RS232
    • RS422

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AC²ES – Built-In A-PNT for Your Existing Tactical Vehicle Hardware

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