Leonardo DRS Receives $105 Million Award to Provide Next-Generation Mission Command Mounted Computing Systems

July 14, 2021

Leonardo DRS Receives contract for MFoCS

ARLINGTON, VA, July 14, 2021 — Leonardo DRS, Inc. announced today that it has been awarded its third production delivery order contract for the next-generation of U.S. Army mission command computing systems, called the Mounted Family of Computer Systems (MFoCS) II. This modular, scalable system supports the Army’s current modernization strategy for ground combat vehicles, combat service support vehicles and command posts. The contract value is worth more than $105 million.

The delivery order was awarded to the Leonardo DRS Land Electronics business, by the Defense Information Technology Contracting Office of the Defense Information Systems Agency on behalf of U.S. Army Program Manager, Mission Command, and U.S. Army Program Executive Office – Command, Control and Communications – Tactical.  Leonardo DRS is in the third year of an up to ten-year contract supporting requirements for U.S. Army Mounted Mission Command and Mounted Computing Operating Environment (MCOE).

The MFoCS II system is a family of common computing and display systems that consolidates a range of programs and military computing users. The system supports the continued fielding and upgrades of the Army’s Joint Battle Command – Platform and features critical system capability upgrades, cybersecurity improvements and multi-touch displays. This mission-critical tactical server provides a fully integrated hardware, software, and network system supporting Blue Force Tracking on Army and U.S. Marine Corps vehicle platforms.  MFoCS II systems also host an industry leading embedded cyber security architecture.

“We are proud that MFoCS continues to play an important role in the Army’s Network Modernization efforts to bring users the latest in situational awareness on the battlefield,” said Bill Guyan, senior vice president and general manager of the Leonardo DRS Land Electronics business.  “MFoCS is a vital component of the Mission Command suite of integrated capabilities used across the U.S. Army and Marine Corps ground fleets, and our team members have designed and manufactured a powerful, reliable and affordable edge capability that soldiers have come to rely upon.”

The MFoCS system is just one of many critical advanced technologies provided to the U.S. military by Leonardo DRS, that converge modern capabilities today, while supporting the evolution to objective modernization requirements for the future.

Work on this contract will be performed in the Leonardo DRS Land Electronics facility in Melbourne, Florida.  For more information about the Leonardo DRS Mounted Family of Computer Systems, visit www.LeonardoDRS.com/MFOCS

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