Tactical Manpack Communications Intelligence (COMINT) Direction Finding (DF) System

Locate threat signals, monitor signals of interest and analyze intelligence. In real time. In a wide range of scenarios.


Airborne & Intelligence Systems - Electronic Warfare


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High performance, in a small mission-friendly package. The Manpack requires very few cables and slips neatly into a Warfighter's rucksack, providing Warfighters with unmatched signal detection, and increased situational awareness, anywhere they go.

The Manpack was designed to be handheld, but can also be configured to operate with vehicle controls.

Modern Ground Electronic Warfare (EW)

Electronic Warfare is the use of the electromagnetic spectrum, that mostly invisible world around us, to conduct military action - a key capability in today’s battlespace.

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Leonardo DRS Integrated EW Systems

In any modern conflict, the use of the electromagnetic spectrum is ubiquitous and scenarios will vary, but our ability to target, track, exploit and deny won't.

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