Tactical Communications

Proven and Effective Communication Solutions

On the battlefield, our forces rely on effective communication for mission success. Our tactical data links and joint tactical terminals provide seamless communication across platforms and domains, while pushing the limits of SWaP-C.

The Leonardo DRS family of tactical data links are efficient and robust signal processors. These systems can operate in extreme temperatures and even have reserve processing power and memory in anticipation of future requirements. Our tactical data links are versatile and an excellent choice for a variety of missions and domains.

The Leonardo DRS family of multi-functional tactical terminals are platform-agnostic and allow operators to receive critical beyond line-of-sight (BLOS) communications and situational awareness. These terminals cover multiple channels to provide threat, survivor, and blue force tracking information in near real time.  

Whether the goal is to increase situational awareness or to improve allied interoperability, Leonardo DRS tactical communications systems get the job done.

Tactical Communication Systems