Advanced Program Support Team


Industry Leading Operations and Maintenance Provider of Turn-Key CONUS / OCONUS Support Solutions

For over 20 years, we have designed, developed, integrated, installed, tested and supported turn-key platform solutions world-wide, and we will continue to provide expeditionary experts where support is needed. 

About the Team

APS Team The Advanced Program Support (APS) team consists of highly skilled and expeditionary field service representatives who are recognized experts in Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) and Airborne Mission Networking.

Each operation is unique, so we handpick the right level of expertise, from technicians to those holding PhD degrees, in order to conduct exemplary support. 

A uniquely different worldwide O&M support provider

We specialize in providing turn-key support solutions for global operations like: 

  • Intelligence collection
  • Ongoing contingency operations
  • Logistics management
  • Airborne mission networking
  • System / sensor suite integration
  • Aircrew and maintainer training

Our customers turn and return to APS when:

  • Rapidly evolving operational threats require experienced personnel with agility in integration
  • Advanced systems require veteran SOF operators & maintainers with appropriate requirements 
  • Customers cannot afford to wait for CONUS or OCONUS help
  • Customers need dynamic access to enemy mission space
  • Mission killing obsolescence is intolerable
  • They need a turn-key O&M solution organization 

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