Gas Turbine Packaging

Leonardo DRS Packages Rotating Equipment for the Most Demanding Applications


Clive Wilgress-Pipe

Director, Business Development

Naval Power Systems

+1 978 353 5500


Our Leonardo DRS team, having provided years of industrial and naval power support, is highly experienced in designing, assembling and testing large machinery packages. 

As a full-service equipment packager we have designed and/or assembled aero-derivative gas turbine packages using each major engine manufacturers’ products. These units are in service in naval and ground power applications around the world. Many were specifically designed for extreme environments. In other applications, stringent specifications required the use of skilled design techniques to minimize noise and vibration while enhancing the unit’s robustness and survivability. 

Our extensive capabilities include performing system shock analyses (applying design adjustments if needed), precision assembly of large equipment, up to 10 MW of electrical load testing and obtaining full naval qualification to MIL-Spec or ABS NVR standards. 

Whether you require build-to-print production or more extensive systems packaging, Leonardo DRS is ready to meet the needs of any machinery packaging project. 

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