Phalanx Thermal Imager (PTI)

Phalanx Thermal Imager

Detect, Track and Engage Incoming Threats Automatically – Day, Night, Rain or Shine

Leonardo DRS’ Phalanx Thermal Imager (PTI) provides increased vision capability for shipboard applications during day, night, and adverse weather conditions. Designed for harsh maritime environments, the PTI is ruggedized, sealed, and pressurized to withstand fog environments, shipboard vibrations and gunfire shock.

The PTI employs Leonardo DRS’ proven thermal imaging technology. This high-performance thermal camera can display clear images through smoke, light fog and complete darkness for exceptional sensitivity and resolution, 24 x 7 and in harsh shipboard conditions.

Measuring 13.0 x 26.0 x 12.0 inches and weighing less than 63 pounds, the PTI furnishes a wide 6° x 3.9° horizontal field of view (FOV) and a narrow field of view of 2° x 1.3°. The 4-bolt mount, removable handles, and single power/signal connector design simplifies installation for various shipboard platforms. A remote controlled wiper system keeps the infrared window clear during adverse weather conditions. All of these features and options combine to make this a reliable, high performance maritime infrared imaging device.


  • Increased vision capability
  • Designed for maritime environment, day/night and adverse weather conditions
  • Withstands shipboard vibration and gunfire shock
  • Ruggedized, sealed and pressurized with wiper system
  • 640 x 480 resolution in the 8-12 µm spectral band


Doug Ransom

Electro-Optical & Infrared Systems

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