Space Sensor Solutions

Agile, Affordable, Innovative

Leonardo DRS has been a part of some of the most amazing space missions launched over the past 30 years. Those decades of experience have ranged from the remarkable Hubble, which is still providing imagery so astonishing that it makes world headlines, to the recent Himawari launch that will increase the accuracy of weather forecasting. We’ve made it possible for scientists to see the earth in a whole new light… and to peer farther and more accurately into the reaches of the universe. Our engineers, designers and production staff are constantly seeking new and better ways to conquer this final frontier.

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Sensors & Payloads
Innovative & Affordable System Solutions

From the material science behind our detectors to the development of digital and analog ROICs through fully integrated FPAs and module assemblies.

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Detectors & FPA
Performance Matched to Mission Needs

30 years supporting diverse missions with specialty products. Our space detectors include: visible, infrared, far infrared and custom detectors.

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