Dolls Help Children Connect to Distant Family Members


March 31, 2017 -- The Leonardo DRS facility in Dayton, Ohio, has donated $450 to the adjacent Wright-Patterson Air Force Base to cover the cost of vouchers for the purchase of “Daddy Dolls” for local families with loved ones preparing for deployment.

The donation also covers the shipping costs associated with each doll. By late March, Leonardo DRS had given the vouchers to four children of Wright-Pat families whose parent will be deploying soon.

Made in the USA since 2005, the dolls, with a photo of a loved one attached, are intended to help children remain connected to parents or other relatives during absences of a military or other nature. Purchasers supply the photos, which the manufacturer recommends be taken by digital cameras although cell-phone cameras may be used also. The Leonardo DRS donation will cover the cost of 16 “Daddy Doll” vouchers plus shipping.

More information is available at Daddy Dolls.