Integrated Mission Systems

The Integrated Mission Systems segment consists of both a ground vehicle integrator (Land Systems) and naval power and propulsion system provider (Naval Power Systems). These business units provide solutions using the “best available” technology to satisfy our customers’ needs. The best available technology consists of a combination of internally produced products and technologies, as well as externally sourced solutions. We continue to use the Integrated Mission Systems segment as an avenue to accelerate the use of our Sensing and Computing equipment for various applications.


Force Protection

We are a leading systems integrator of mission equipment packages onto military ground vehicles to provide our troops with the very best reconnaissance and surveillance, mission support and vehicle survivability solutions in the world. We bring a family of force protection technology, including short-range air defense (SHORAD), counter-UAS and portable ground radars, active protection systems, combat vehicle turrets, and stabilized sensor suites. Our short-range air defense missile system and mounted counter-UAS system integrate market-leading technologies that can be rapidly deployed to protect U.S. and allied forces.

Electrical Power & Propulsion

We are a leading provider of next-generation electrical power conversion and propulsion technology for the U.S. Navy and its allies, with major systems for next generation submarines. Investments in our market-leading propulsion technology have created opportunities to utilize proven electric drive capabilities for future naval platforms. Our solutions increase naval electrical power conversion so naval customers have the power flexibility to support next-generation systems such as directed energy weapons.

Our Businesses

A recognized leader in the integration of complex technologies into legacy systems and platforms for global military and commercial customers.

Delivering quality, customer-focused naval power & control products and support solutions for the U.S. Navy and our allies.