Land Systems

For both military and commercial customers, the seamless integration of complex technologies into legacy systems and platforms has become crucial.

Leonardo DRS is a leading integrator for a variety of military vehicle systems including recon & surveillance, mission support, and vehicle survivability & lethality. We prepare your fleet for whatever lies ahead.

  • Stabilized Sensor Suites: State-of-the-Art Reconnaissance on the move on any military vehicle platform.
  • Counter-UAS & Portable Ground Radars: Low-power, high-performance ground surveillance radars.
  • Active Protection System (APS): TROPHY™ is the world’s first and only fully operational, combat-proven APS.
  • Bridging Systems: The Joint Assault Bridge (JAB) engineered by Leonardo DRS uniquely combines capability, reliability, and affordability.
  • Heavy Load Transport & Cargo Handling Systems: The M1000 Heavy Equipment Transport Semi-Trailer and USAF Tunner / Halvorsen provide superior transportation capability.
  • Combat Vehicle Turrets: A proven turret and gun system that meets the U.S. Army’s requirements.


Aaron Hankins

Senior Vice President and General Manager,
Land Systems