High Ridge, MO

Leonardo DRS Naval Power Systems

Marlo Heat Transfer Solutions

Marlo Heat Transfer Solutions

Located southwest of St. Louis, High Ridge is home to the sprawling Marlo Heat Transfer Solutions facility, part of the Leonardo DRS Naval Power Systems operating group. 

Marlo has been a leading manufacturer of custom engineered coils, refrigeration and air handing systems since 1925.

Our 180,000 sqft facility is 9001:2008 registered and features a range of capabilities that enable us to design and manufacture numerous coil and air handling solutions.

From engineering and designing, to qualified welding (NAVSEA & ASME), we have built on our experience and invested in knowledge and technology that includes CNC machine tools, turret presses, brakes, welding, brazing, tube and fin fabrication, paint and finish and environmental lab and reliability / performance test capability.

Navy & Marine Coils

Our coils are manufactured with proven performance and quality construction, and are fully supported with replacement parts and full integrated support data.

Commercial Coils

All Marlo Heat Transfer Solutions commercial coils are engineered to meet our customer’s specific parameters. We design our equipment around your project.

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Terms & Conditions

Marlo Heat Transfer Solutions’ supplemental terms, conditions, FARs and DFARs

Marlo Supplement

Northrop Grumman SEWIP BLK III Program N0002420C5519

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