Leonardo DRS Highlights Leading Force Protection and Thermal Sight Technologies at 2022 Maneuver Warfighter Conference

October 3, 2022

Arlington, Virginia, Va. – September 13, 2022 – Leonardo DRS, a leading provider of advanced multi-domain defense products, will participate in the 2022 Fort Benning Maneuver Warfighter Conference Expo between September 13th and 15th at McGinnis-Wickam Hall, Fort Benning. The company will highlight a range of technologies, including its battle management system, dismounted EO/IR technologies and its leading air defense system, among a range of other capabilities.

The Leonardo DRS booth will be located in Booth #28-30.

“As a leading provider of advanced technologies to the U.S. military and allies around the world, we design our capabilities to enable warfighters in every domain,” said Mike Coulter, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Leonardo DRS. “We are excited to display our capabilities in advanced sensing, network computing, and force protection at the Maneuver Warfighter Conference and demonstrate why our technologies are ensuring our warfighters are mission ready for the threats of today and into the future.”

Leonardo DRS Capabilities on Display:

Battle Management Systems – The Mounted Family of Computer Systems (MFoCS) II represents the most advanced generation of rugged computers and displays ever engineered for military use.

The new battle management system represents the most advanced generation of rugged computers and displays engineered for military use. It is a next-generation system for network modernization, a common computing solution that improves Situational Awareness, Command and Control, maneuverability, and logistics for a range of platforms and weapons systems.

Dismounted EO/IR – The Leonardo DRS dismounted EO/IR combines rugged, lightweight, modular construction with superior thermal imaging technology to give today’s warfighter the capability to maintain uncompromising performance in day or night and in smoke or fog, significantly increasing survivability and decisive operations on the battlefield.

Maneuver Short Range Air Defense (M-SHORAD) – The Leonardo DRS integrated M-SHORAD Mission Equipment Package for combat vehicles enables warfighters maneuver with tactical units to detect, identify, track and defeat air threats. The system is an Air Defense Artillery capability that moves and maneuvers in direct support of combat forces to destroy, neutralize or deter low altitude aerial threats, including Group 3 UAS, rotary wing and fixed wing aircraft.

LiveSky – Tethered UAS technology like Hoverfly’s LiveSky™ is revolutionizing the government and commercial markets for long-duration, small footprint aerial surveillance and long-range, secure communications. By enabling continuous power and high-bandwidth data through a thin tether link, LiveSky™ can remain on-station in the air almost indefinitely, providing surveillance, targeting, and communications relay functions, while stationary or on-the-move, from vehicles or vessels. Multiple US and allied government programs have recognized Hoverfly’s technology and are now incorporating TUAS capabilities in their requirements.

Data Distribution Unit – Expandable – The DDUx II is a highly integrated and extremely rugged computing Server incorporating Intel’s Core i7 processor technology, as well as removable 2.5” solid state hard drives and an extensive array of external interfaces. The system is ideally suited to meet computing, networking/routing, sensor integration, and video processing needs in mobile and harsh environments where reliability is critical. The architecture simultaneously supports hosting of applications, management of network infrastructures, collection and streaming of sensor data. The DDUx II can operate multiple operating systems and virtual machines concurrently to support diverse application and data distribution requirements.

To see the full range of Leonardo DRS products at the Maneuver Warfighter Conference, visit Booth #28-30.

About Leonardo DRS

Leonardo DRS is a prime contractor, leading technology innovator and supplier of integrated products, services and support to military forces, intelligence agencies and defense contractors worldwide. We anticipate our customer’s complex needs and produce ground-breaking, market-disruptive technologies to ensure mission success today and well into the future. Headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, Leonardo DRS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Leonardo S.p.A. Learn more about Leonardo DRS at www.LeonardoDRS.com