RedRock Integrated Geolocation System

Unobtrusively monitor and geolocate target emitters with a small, lightweight package.


Airborne & Intelligence Systems - Electronic Warfare


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Welcome to the place where Direction Finding (DF), Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA) and Frequency Difference of Arrival (FDOA) geolocation techniques collide into one mobile, man-packable SIGINT platform.

Warfighters use a simple tablet to display a precise, intuitive heat map of battle space emitters. This data is all collected and processed by just one sensor.

Because the RedRock system is so unobtrusive, it is ideal for countersurveillance and counterintelligence applications, especially in unauthorized frequency ranges or unauthorized geographic locations.

Capabilities Guide
Integrated Electronic Warfare

Leonardo DRS offers and EW system with comprehensive training and maintenance that provides complete situational awareness of the enemy and their communications, fires and weapons systems.

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Leonardo DRS Integrated EW Systems
Modern Electronic Warfare Capabilities

In any modern conflict, the use of the electromagnetic spectrum is ubiquitous and scenarios will vary, but our ability to target, track, exploit and deny won't.

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