Commercial EO/IR Sensors

Cutting-edge Thermal Technology from Sensor to System

Leonardo DRS offers a diverse and effective array of EO/IR technologies including cooled and uncooled camera modules and infrared detectors. These technologies perform a broad range of applications at an affordable price and utilizes our patented microbolometer architecture.

Leonardo DRS has changed the face of cooled thermal imaging with the introduction of a revolutionary six-micron pixel pitch HgCdTe detector that utilizes an incredibly small integrated Dewar cooler assembly. Our thermal sensors allow for clear images through the most dark or difficult lighting conditions, and our thermal detectors cover a broad range of applications with a variety of miniature sizes and weights, ideal for any security needs.

Leonardo DRS has been a trailblazer in infrared research and development. From the first forward looking infrared (FLIR) equipment in the 1960’s to the maturation of the worlds most powerful imaging devices of today, Leonardo DRS has built a legacy of thermal advancement. With over a half century of infrared innovation, Leonardo DRS is exceptionally well positioned for meeting the needs of fast-growing commercial applications.

Camera Modules & Thermal Detectors