Stirling Cycle Cryogenic Coolers

Leonardo DRS has a 60-year legacy of design innovation and high volume manufacture of Stirling Cycle cryogenic coolers.

Leonardo DRS’ family of coolers are constructed with our flexure spring suspension architecture that help drive industry leading cooler life performance across even the harshest environmental conditions. Each cooler variant has been extensively tested and formally qualified to US Government standards.

We provide a variety of cooling capacity options that have been qualified for ground vehicle, airborne and weapon mounted platforms. From small, battery sized “Micro” coolers perfect for low Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) or High Operating Temperature (HOT) Mid-wave Infrared (MWIR) to large format, high power applications – LDRS can meet your needs.

Our coolers have long been key enablers for our flagship programs and are now being offered commercially as Export Administration Regulation (EAR) products. All these coolers are linear, dual-opposed piston designs that offer extremely low vibration with virtually no audible noise. Leonardo DRS coolers are designed to meet most standard Dewar interfaces but our experienced team of experts can support customization as needed. Companion drive electronics are also available in a number of configurations.

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