Weapon Shock Simulator

A More Efficient and Convenient Alternative to Fire Shock Testing

Our Weapon Shock Simulator (WSS) offers a convenient and efficient alternative to the high cost of live fire shock testing required for many small arms weapon mounted sights and accessories. 

The WSS reproduces the live fire shock events for Mil-Std-810 small arms accessory testing and can be installed either in a lab or on the production floor without special facility requirements.  The system is capable of simulating 20,000 shock events per day, and each event has the acceleration data captured, processed, and displayed to the user in real time.  This data is also checked against established metrics to ensure that the WSS is operating as expected.

The WSS is capable of emulating the shock profiles observed on the M4 and SCAR17 in both the time domain and the resulting shock response spectrum (SRS).  Per customer request, other weapon profiles can be evaluated, developed, and implemented on the WSS.


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