Advanced Sensing & Computing

World Class Supplier of EO/IR Sensors, Lasers, EW Systems, Aircraft Training Products, Intelligence and Surveillance Solutions, Network Computing, Communications, and Tactical Expeditionary Radars.

The U.S. military is pushing towards a more autonomous future. This autonomy is predicated on the seamless integration of advanced sensor technology and computing systems.

Leonardo DRS has a large installed base, and a historic track record of providing world class ground vehicle, soldier, EW, and laser sensing on various platforms. This sensing footprint coupled with the computing infrastructure on both U.S. Army ground vehicles and U.S. Navy vessels, has us positioned for success in leading the integrated sensor needs for the DoD. Our Advanced Sensing and Computing business segment consists of six business units.


Ground Vehicle Sensors

Our market-leading products include third-generation infrared sensors and fused sensing systems for threat detection, situational awareness, targeting, and vehicle protection. We are a leading provider of ground vehicle infrared imaging systems and situational awareness systems.

Soldier Sensing

Our full complement of soldier systems includes next-generation sensors, targeting systems, and optics to improve infantry combat effectiveness. We produce innovative EO/IR systems for soldiers, including legacy and next-generation thermal weapons sights. Our uncooled sensor technology also supports future goggle systems.

Electronic Warfare & Cyber

Our state-of-the-art technology and experience in EW and cyber systems provide our customers with state-of-the-art integrated capabilities for multi-domain operations to supplement kinetic warfare and meet growing defense priorities. Our mounted and dismounted EW systems and intelligence solutions are used across a broad range of platforms.

Aircraft Sensing

Our two-color infrared sensors and quantum cascade laser technology detect and protect helicopters from missile attacks. The integration of these two state-of-the-art technologies into a single solution to save the lives of aviators and troops is demonstrative of the advanced skills of our engineers and researchers. We are also an industry leader in “brownout” sensor solutions that can see through blowing sand.

Air Combat Training Systems

Our aircraft training systems are world renowned and were selected for the fifth-generation international Joint Strike Fighter program. Our aircraft training systems are used by pilots in the U.S. and among allied air combat teams to prepare for the complicated missions ahead.

Network Computing

As the only provider of the Mounted Family of Computer Systems, we are the leading global supplier of trusted battle management systems and mounted computing hardware for ground forces worldwide – with a full complement of rugged mission-critical computers, tablets and displays. For U.S. and allied naval customers, we are a leading provider of naval computing systems and networks, shipboard communications, radar, and surface ship & submarine command & control systems with integrated logistics, sustainment, and advanced manufacturing services.


We are a trusted provider of next-generation tactical terminals to U.S and Allied military forces that provide, receive, and transmit near real-time multi-source threats, survivors, and Blue Force Tracker data among airborne, land, and maritime tactical systems.

Tactical Expeditionary Radars

Leonardo DRS’s air surveillance radars are the system of choice for current and emerging tactical Integrated Air & Missile Defense weapon systems, whether they are focused on guns, missiles, directed energy, or other threat defeat technologies. Our tactical drone detection radar systems are also ideal gap-fillers, complementing medium and long-range air surveillance systems for maximal protection on the battlefield. Leonardo DRS’s combat radars have a variety of installations and applications: fixed or deployable/maneuverable, on-the-move onboard tactical land vehicles or aboard littoral combat and patrol ships.


Our Businesses

An enduring global leader and strategic partner committed to delivering world class, full life-cycle defense and intelligence products that protect the security of our Nation and our allies.

Mid-infrared laser light is providing game-changing solutions to molecular spectroscopy, detection and imaging challenges in markets.

Our compact tactical radars are software-defined, AESA (Active Electronically Scanned Array), configurable military radar platforms.

Providing leading sensor technology and integrated solutions for Land, Sea, Air and Space Systems.

Providing C4I Network computing and integrated situational awareness, as well as state-of-the-art embedded diagnostics, vehicle power management and combat vehicle integration products and services.

Providing naval computing infrastructure, network and data distribution and middleware enterprise services, as well as world class manufacturing and support capabilities.