Driver’s Vision Enhancer UltraLite (DVE UL)

Powerful thermal camera that lets operators see clearly in visually degraded environmental conditions.


Steve Metzger

DRS Infrared Sensors & Systems

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The Driver's Visison Enhancer UltraLite thermal camera is the perfect sensor for providing combat support and service vehicle operators with increased driver’s vision capability, survivability and mobility during day, night and in adverse weather conditions such as dust, smoke and haze. Featuring an industry-leading 640 x 480, 17 μm uncooled thermal detector, the DVE UL outputs a 40° x 30° field of view providing the driver with increased awareness and safer operation while driving on cliff edges and hills when facing forward.

Weighing less than 1.25 lbs, DRS’ DVE UL requires less than 5 watts of power making it ideal for missions that have minimum weight and power requirements. In addition, the small size of the DVE UL increases product versatility; it can easily be mounted on multiple locations and on various combat vehicles.

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See First, Understand First, Act First

DRS’ DVE UltraLite is a powerful thermal camera that lets operators see clearly in visually degraded environmental conditions.

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