Driver’s Vision Enhancer Wide (DVE Wide)

Eliminates blind Spots in the darkest, most obscured conditions, keeping drivers informed and safe.

Leonardo DRS’ Driver’s Vision Enhancer Wide provides vehicle operators with enhanced situational awareness for combat, tactical-wheeled vehicles, armored security vehicles, and standard security vehicles (i.e. SUV). It improves survivability and mission capability by providing drivers with wider fields of view as well as the elimination of blind spots to safely navigate through dust, sand, haze, smoke, light fog and the blackest night.

The ‘front-facing’ DVE Wide integrates three state-of-theart 640 x 480, 17-micron uncooled infrared sensors, which output a stitched video of a 107 x 30 field of view (FOV). The DVE Wide can receive, manage and display video from multiple external cameras on the vehicle. The driver can electronically pan through the 107° total horizontal field of view allowing the driver the ability to see both sides of the road. The vehicle wheel track indicators aid the driver in clearly identifying any potential impediments to safe operation.

The DVE Wide is fully “backwards compatible” with all fielded DVE units, which means that any vehicle currently equipped with a DVE system can be readily upgraded. It is also forward compatible with new, high resolution, touch-screen displays.


  • Fully backwards and forward compatible with all fielded DVE units
  • Efficient interface with future high-resolution displays 
  • Provides the driver with a 107° total horizontal fields of view in front of the vehicle 
  • Ability to see both sides of the road


  • Border Patrol Vehicles
  • Mobile Command Vehicles
  • SWAT Vehicles
  • Armored Vehicles
  • Military Vehicles


Steve Metzger

Electro-Optical & Infrared Systems

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