Abrams Driver’s Vision Enhancer (DVE-A)

Provides combat vehicle operators with increased driver’s vision capability, survivability and mobility.

Abrams Driver's Vision Enhancer

Improved situational awareness in visually degraded conditions provides critical force protection, continued mission prosecution and operational effectiveness.

The Abrams Driver’s Vision Enhancer (DVE-A) was developed specifically for the Abrams Main Battle Tank allowing for the driver to egress safely by using the quick disconnect bracket assembly. Combat proven and fielded in over 2000 US Army Abrams Main Battle Tanks to date, the DVE-A offers the latest in long wave thermal imaging capabilities.



  • Day/night 24-hour operation capability in adverse weather conditions
  • Ability to see through dust, smoke and other battlefield obscurants
  • Enhanced situational awareness, silent watch capability
  • Display quick release allows for ease of egress
  • Drop in replacement to vision block

Download the DVE-A data sheet


DVE-A Mounted


Swing away hinge and quick release pin for ease of egress.

DVE-A Released


Top half remains in driver's hatch to allow ease of opening during emergency situations.

DVE-A Interfaces


DVE-A interfaces on the back side.

DVE-A Breakaway Feature

Breakaway Feature

When quick release pin is pulled, the bottom half easily breaks away.