Arrowhead® Modernized TADS/PNVS Receiver for the Apache

Identify targets and deliver high quality images, right into a pilot’s helmet display. In real time. In any condition.

Leonardo DRS provides the integrated forward looking infrared (FLIR) receivers for both the Modernized Target Acquisition Designation Sight (M-TADS) and the Modernized Pilot Night Vision Sensor (M-PNVS) for Lockheed Martin’s Arrowhead® — Apache’s advanced electro-optical fire control system, which is used for target acquisition/designation and safe flight in day, night and adverse weather conditions.

Leonardo DRS’ Horizontal Technology Integration (HTI) second generation forward looking infrared technology improves system performance by up to approximately 150%. Enhanced reliability and streamlined field maintenance reduces operation and support costs by as much as 60%.

Arrowhead® supports the U.S. Army’s current and future force objective of seeing first, understanding first, acting first and finishing decisively.


  • Integrated imager, scanner, electronics and detector cooler bench
  • HTI second generation forward looking infrared technology improves system performance
  • Safe flight in day, night and adverse weather conditions
  • Improved reliability and streamlined field maintenance reduce operation and support costs


Dean Putnam

Electro-Optical & Infrared Systems

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