Joint Effects Targeting System (JETS)

Joint Effects Targeting System (JETS)

Advanced Multi-Sensor Targeting System

Provides the ability to carry out necessary recon on targets, acquire specific locations on a precision grid, and communicate the coordinates instantaneously back to command. 

JETS is the most comprehensive hand-held target location system available today. JETS gives Forward Observers the ability to not only carry out necessary reconnaissance on targets but also acquire specific locations on a precision grid and communicate the coordinates instantaneously to the network of maneuver commanders for decisive action.

With unprecedented form and function, this type of integrated solution came in over-sized systems that relied on mensuration software making it very difficult to conduct target engagement in a timely manner when immediate effects were needed most. JETS is a light-weight, modular design suitable for a variety of different mission sets.

Hand-held Target Location Module

Hand-held Target Location Module (HTLM)

  • HD format color display
  • Color Day Imager
  • Short-wave infrared (SWIR) camera providing See Spot / laser rangefinder (LRF) capability
  • Connects to Fires Warrior and other forward observer (FO) devices
  • Runs with 1 battery cassette housing 6 123 batteries for 8 hours
  • Eye safe LRF with 10 km range
  • Infrared imaging (IRI) 17μm with high sensitivity focal-plane array (FPA)
  • Built in North Keeper
  • Celestial Compass
  • Built in Selective Availability Anti-Spoofing Module (SAASM) GPS
Joint Effects Targeting System

Laser Marker Module (LMM)

  • 1064 nm 30 mJ output
  • Target marking out to 5 km
  • Can be used stand alone
  • Built in VIS pointer
  • Uses same battery cassette as Hand-held Target Location Module (HTLM)


Precision Azimuth Vertical Angle Module (PAVAM) 

  • Derives True North by measuring the Earth’s rotation
  • Non-Magnetic
  • All Weather
  • Uses same battery cassette as Hand-held Target Location Module (HTLM)