Mini See Spot (MSS)

Meeting Today’s Challenges to Provide a Secure Future with the Mini See Spot

Long range reconnaissance, superior image quality, true imaging laser see spot and handheld portability are the underlying characteristics of the Mini See Spot (MSS) thermal imager from Leonardo DRS. The MSS employs micro-cooler mid-wave infrared technology to create a large-format image of 640 x 480 pixels with a marker / designator (1.064 micron) laser see spot inherent in the sensor. Ideal for extended range target detection and identification, the MSS weighs less than two pounds, including its six hot-swappable batteries extending system operation without having to power down during battery change, enabling persistent surveillance. Handheld, mounted to a laser designator/marker source, or tripod mounted, the MSS can also be powered from an external power source.

The MSS supports the mounted and dismounted FIRES mission day or night with clarity of image, and laser spot confirmation on target in a completely passive mode (no illumination or artificial lighting sources required).


  • See Battlefield Laser Markers / Designators directly on image
  • Rapidly ID, acquire and engage targets completely passive. Supports both analog or digital displays
  • Handheld, laser mounted and aligned or tripod mounted
  • Image through degraded battlefield and weather conditions
  • Reduce fratricide and collateral damage with target ID and spot confirmation


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