Platform Test & Diagnostics


Embedded Diagnostics

Provides Continuous Vehicle Health Checks and Crew Level Vehicle Condition Status

Leonardo DRS is an industry leader in the design and integration of embedded diagnostics into individual LRUs and combat vehicle platforms. This comprehensive capability creates a seamless grow path to collect and process data on LRU and vehicle health.


Factory & Depot Testers

Quality and reliability start during production.

Leonardo DRS' line of Factory and Depot testers provide test protocols to make sure components are fully functional and meet all performance and environmental requirements. Whether it’s turn-key production test equipment or services that utilize our extensive environmental test capabilities, Leonardo DRS has the right tools to ensure Warfighter equipment performs flawlessly.


Off-Platform Test & Diagnostics

Field-Proven Solutions for Testing Today’s and Tomorrow’s Complex Military Platforms and Components

Reducing life-cycle support costs frees resources to focus on the tactical mission. Leonardo DRS' off-platform diagnostics tools bring advanced diagnostic capabilities to the military’s organic support organizations. With these tools, our maintainers repair components at the front-lines, reduce reliance on depots and OEMs, while reducing costs and increasing availability.

  • General Purpose Interface Assembly (GPIA)
  • Next Generation Automated Test System (NGATS)
  • Direct Support Electrical Systems Test Set (DSESTS)


On-Platform Test & Diagnostics

Diagnostic and Data Acquisition Systems for Domestic and Foreign Combat Vehicles

Our Warfighters depend on reliable combat and tactical vehicles. Leonardo DRS' on-platform diagnostics and vehicle health management solutions provide the Warfighter and maintainer with the tools to quickly diagnose and repair the vehicle enabling it to return to the fight.