Force Protection Solutions – The Convergence of Innovation and Urgency

December 15, 2023

Battlefield threats are evolving faster than ever…and they’re outpacing the means to defeat them. 

When you have an increasingly creative adversary, overcoming him demands a force protection approach that’s both more innovative and more agile.

In recent conflicts, we’re seeing conventional and unconventional operations routinely intertwine, and threats now appearing in multiple domains. In this new arena, the advantage rests with the more agile side… the side that can protect its people…maintain the initiative…and project its combat power… in all domains…and at a tempo the threat can’t match.

In large-scale combat, all domains are gonna be contested. That’s air, land, sea, undersea, space and cyber. 

As one example, advanced sensors… that allow continuous, multi-spectral surveillance… have made the battlefield “transparent”… meaning there’s nowhere to hide.

In this new environment, you need agile, adaptive tactics…and integrated systems that control signatures…enhance mobility…provide real-time situational awareness…and maintain robust communications.

Vehicle-based systems play a key role in this. They enable surveillance and reconnaissance…detect and neutralize both air and ground threats…manage onboard systems…and provide the ground truth situational data that’s so critical to Force Protection and the overall Common Operating Picture at higher echelons.

At Leonardo DRS, we focus on this intersection of innovation and urgency in our integrated vehicle systems and subsystems. Whether short-range air defense… counter-UAS… or vehicle protection systems, we deliver groundbreaking technologies in expedited timeframes. Through it all, we’re guided by four tenets:

  • First – Different threats demand different defenses, so we adopt a holistic approach… and tailor combinations of proven technologies integrated smartly – or new, leading edge solutions designed and developed quickly – with the goal of providing comprehensive protection in SWAP-conscious and affordable packages.
  • Second – We understand no single soldier or platform can deal with every threat… so we leverage cooperative protection… across a formation… to make sure vehicles and crews have mutual support… while preserving their lethality and maneuverability.
  • Third – We maximize speed and agility in design through rapid prototyping and fielding, even if it means investing our own money in solutions ahead of formal requirements.
  • And lastly – We build deep, collaborative relationships with like-minded government and industry partners.  This results in coalitions of the willing and ensures a united approach to agile and innovative problem-solving.

This force protection philosophy enables Leonardo DRS to deliver disruptive technologies on an accelerated timeline, or – in the new vernacular – “at the speed of relevance.”

Ultimately, our team is guided by a singular objective:  getting ahead — and staying ahead — of the battlefield’s most dangerous and sophisticated threats.

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