Shipboard Integrated Communications

Control and manage every aspect of shipboard communications onboard or ashore.

Integrating tactical, administrative, voice and data communications, SHINCOM 3100 all-digital secure voice system (SVS) interfaces, controls and manages every aspect of internal and external communications. The system architecture ensures continuity of communications in very adverse conditions with multiple levels of built-in redundancy and internal battery backup.

Furthermore, the SHINCOM 3100 terminal equipment enables commanders and operators to communicate on multiple channels simultaneously without increased workload. In fact, the channels incorporate Two Ears – Four Voices® 3D spatial audio technology with radio noise reduction to further minimize their fatigue.

SVS can provide the communications architecture for either new-build platforms or legacy systems. It is backwards compatible to provide improved capability and capacity, replacing legacy secure voice systems, tactical intercom systems and ship’s service telephone systems.




  • Highly scalable up to hundreds of connections
  • Extensive command and control communication features
  • EXCOMM radio / cypher patching
  • MLPP plus programmable accesses, restrictions and overrides
  • COTS open standards architecture
  • Redundant and independent non-blocking 4096 channel Red and 4096 channel Black switching
  • Internal high-capacity plain and secure conference bridges up to 4096 channels each (2048 conferences)
  • VOIP voice switching (SIP with MLPP)
  • Enhanced PBX calling features
  • Redundant, hot-swapping architecture
  • Integrated VOIP and ISDN
  • VPX integrated backplane


  • Up to 8 active and 8 on-hold channels
  • All digital, extensive digital signal processing
  • Field-proven, rugged, drip-proof
  • Hybrid touch screen and key technology
  • Centralized graphics displays
  • Auto-muting secure / non-secure
  • Visual and audio Press-to-Talk (PTT) / security status indication
  • Supports both internal and / or external speakers


  • Graphical User Interface for system configuration
  • CommPlan and data base setup and control

Next-Gen Shipboard Communications

SHINCOM is the latest generation shipboard communications switch technology which provides reliable, red/black secure tactical communications for Navy operators.

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