Daylight Solutions

Daylight Solutions

To Protect with Light

Mid-infrared laser light is providing game-changing solutions to molecular spectroscopy, detection, and imaging challenges in markets such as: Defense & Security; Life Sciences; Research; and Industrial Process Control.

As a mid-IR technology pioneer, our Daylight Solutions business unit has delivered more mid-IR and photonics systems for more applications world-wide than anyone else.

With a highly experienced team—and field-proven, best-in-class product performance—Daylight stands ready to help you shape your mid-IR and defense photonics applications.

  • Advanced Capabilities for the Warfighter: Infrared Countermeasures, Targeting & Pointing, Combat ID, Standoff Detection, Beacons, and Thermal Illumination
  • Enabling New Markets: Oil & Gas Process Analyzers, Pharmaceutical Analysis & Process Control, Green House Gas & Pollution Monitoring, Semiconductor Manufacturing, and Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy
  • Advanced Research & Enabling Clinical Applications: Cancer Research, Digital Pathology, Stem Cell Research, Proteomics, Liquid Chromatography Analysis, Precision Medicine, Hyperspectral Imaging, and Breath Diagnostics
  • Best in Class Laser Performance: Molecular Spectroscopy,  Photo-Acoustic Spectroscopy (PAS),  Nanoscale Imaging, Atmospheric Science, Standoff / Trace Detection, and Bio-Medical Research