Joint Assault Bridge (JAB)

JAB Uniquely Combines Capability, Reliability, and Affordability


Brian Byrd

DRS Land Systems


St. Louis, MO

+1 314 553 4910

Leonardo DRS’ Joint Assault Bridge provides the Warfighter a robust, reliable system with unparalleled commander's vision, rapid assault launch/retrieve capability, and superior mobility by maintaining the center of gravity close to the M1A2 Main Battle Tank.

Leonardo DRS' advanced bridging technology solves a long standing Army capability gap, and JAB emplaces the existing military load class 85 “scissor” bridge.

Leonardo DRS was awarded a production contract in May 2016 for up to 273 JAB systems plus related testing and support, and is partnered with Anniston Army Depot and Israel Military Industries (IMI).

JAB Data  Sheet

The Joint Assault Bridge (JAB) provides Mobility Augmentation Companies supporting Armored Brigade Combat Teams with a survivable, deployable and sustainable heavy-assault-bridging capability.

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