Active Protection and Hostile Fire Detection System for Armored Vehicles

  • Neutralizes a wide variety of anti-armor threats, from RPGs to the most modern anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs)
  • Very high kill probability at distances that greatly reduce the chance of residual penetration 
  • Engages threats only if they pose a danger to the platform 
  • Extremely low false alarm rate proven over years of developmental testing and operational employment 
  • Minimizes collateral damage through kinetic (non-explosive) intercept
  • Immediately calculates and reports shooter location to the crew and/or Battle Management System
  • Neutralizes threats fired at very short range, and multiple, simultaneous threats from the same or different directions
  • User-defined protection zones optimize safety and flexibility for differing deployment scenarios

TROPHY is a combined Hostile Fire Detection (HFD) and Active Protection System (APS) which is available in two main configurations: TROPHY Heavy Vehicle (HV) and TROPHY Vehicle Protection System (VPS). By proactively detecting, locating, and (if necessary) neutralizing anti-armor threats, TROPHY dramatically increases platform survivability, and creates a new paradigm of networked threat awareness for maneuver forces.

TROPHY neutralizes all standard shaped anti-tank threats in flight through four stages of engagement: Threat Detection, Threat Tracking, Countermeasure Activation, and Threat Neutralization. Only those threats which pose a danger to the platform are neutralized, thereby conserving ammunition and minimizing the chance of collateral damage.

The specter of advanced anti-armor weapons on today’s asymmetric battlefields continues to haunt modern armored forces. The power and sophistication of these weapons have surpassed the ability of strictly passive armor-equipped platforms to defeat them without unacceptable sacrifices in the key areas of weight and mobility. Integration of “active protection” capabilities into a platform’s survivability suite allows for improved protection against these advanced threats without an increased weight or mobility penalty.



Combat-Proven System for Heavy and Medium Armored Vehicles

TROPHY HV protects heavy and medium armored vehicles from threats ranging from rockets to ATGMs and High-Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT) rounds. Extremely precise target acquisition and tracking – coupled with Multiple Explosively Formed Projectile (MEFP) countermeasure technology – ensures a high probability of threat neutralization (in most cases without threat initiation) while minimizing the potential for collateral effects.

TROPHY HV offers 360° azimuth protection and high-angle elevation coverage, while maintaining user-defined safety zones for friendly troops on the ground.

TROPHY HV is fully tested, qualified, and in serial production for the Israel Defense Forces. Deployed operationally by the IDF since August 2009, TROPHY HV has proven itself in combat multiple times against advanced threats.



Lighter Weight System for Medium and Light Armored Vehicles

By repackaging and re-engineering TROPHY’s technology into a smaller, lighter form factor, TROPHY VPS retains all the performance advantages of its larger predecessor while enabling its further integration on both medium and lighter weight armored vehicles. TROPHY VPS also forms the foundation for additional protection technology insertion as it matures. TROPHY VPS is in the final stages of development and has been successfully field-tested in Israel.


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