SHINCOM 3100 Shipboard Integrated Communications

Control and manage every aspect of shipboard communications onboard or ashore.


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Kanata, Ontario, Canada  K2V 1C2

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Integrating tactical, administrative, voice and data communications, SHINCOM 3100 all-digital secure voice system (SVS) manages every aspect of internal and external shipboard communications. The system also ensures continuity of communications, regardless of adverse conditions, with multiple levels of built-in redundancy and internal battery backup.

Furthermore, SVS terminal equipment enables commanders and watch operators to communicate on all channels without increased workload. In fact, the channels incorporate Two Ears - Four Voices® 3D audio technology as well as radio noise reduction to further minimize their fatigue.

SVS can provide the communications architecture for either new-built platforms or legacy systems. It is backwards compatible to provide improved capability and capacity, replacing legacy intercom systems, baseband switching systems and ship’s service telephone systems.

Total ship communications

Providing the latest technology for your total shipboard communications needs.

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