Zafiro 640 Camera Core

Compact, Affordable and Rugged

Zafiro size comparison to tennis ball
The Zafiro® 640 is the smart solution for the most demanding security and surveillance applications requiring long-range performance for optimal situational awareness. Its Local Area Processing (LAP) algorithm and industry-leading 12 µm pixel pitch offers enhanced image quality and superb clarity, even with its smaller, lighter-weight optics.

The Zafiro® patented cooler design is virtually inaudible due to limited vibration, delivering more than 17,000 hours Mean Time to Failure.



  • Zafiro cooled camera module side viewUltra-low power 640 x 480, 12 µm pitch-cooled MWIR focal plan array
  • Less than 5 cubic inches and approximately 3 pounds
  • Integrates advanced Mercury Cadmium Telluride technology with patented cryogenic cooler designs
  • Patented linear Stirling cooler, which is exceptionally quiet with nearly imperceptible vibration
  • More than 17,000 hours Mean Time To Failure
  • Backed by a 2-year warranty
  • The industry’s lowest power consumption using 7.5 watts of power at room temperature
  • Proprietary Local Area Processing


Integration is easy with a Development Kit including:

  • User manual which describes the operation, interfaces, and timing
  • Interface schematics and detailed pin out description
  • Mechanical assembly and integration files
  • Interface-control document which describes the registers and how to configure the camera
  • Camera-control Software for Windows
  • Custom lens calibration guide to support optional no-lens configuration
  • Superior customer service support
Zafiro data sheet
Zafiro® 640

Powerful 640x480, 12 µm pitch cooled MWIR sensor that integrates Leonardo DRS’ advanced Mercury Cadmium Telluride (MCT) technology with its patented cryogenic cooler designs.

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