Countering the Growing Threat of Unmanned Systems

Multi-domain operations and the pace of modern combat require a balance of offensive and defensive capabilities. Retaining existing overmatch includes enhancing platform survivability against increasingly lethal threats as well as protecting formations from Unmanned Aerial Systems. Leonardo DRS, in response to urgent needs, is providing solutions today that detect, identify, track and defeat UAS threats.

Our systems defend against the threat of UAS attacks with next generation, multi-mission radar systems, short range air defense (SHORAD) systems, and electromagnetic attack radiator technology.

C-UAS Systems

Tactical Expeditionary Radars

Leonardo DRS multi-mission radars give Warfighters the flexibility they need. These tactical radars can each handle hundreds of targets at a time and operate automatically through advanced signal processing algorithms. Their high doppler resolution provides fast and accurate threat detection and classification, with the ability to track nano drones up to 18 km away. Our radars can be easily configured and installed on a multitude of vehicles and stand-alone setups.

Maneuver Short-Range Air Defense (M-SHORAD)

The Maneuver Short-Range Air Defense, or M-SHORAD, is a system that can defend Brigade Combat teams against aerial threats with multiple avenues of attack. A purpose-built Stryker with M-SHORAD capability can detect and destroy targets including group 3 UAS, rotary wing and fixed wing aircraft. This system provides Warfighters with proper balance of mobility, protection, and firepower to maneuver and destroy any threat.

Specialized Portable Electromagnetic Attack Radiator (SPEAR)

The Specialized Portable Electromagnetic Attack Radiator, or SPEAR, is a cost-effective and rugged electromagnetic attack radiator that can be set up and powered on in seconds. SPEAR provides a portable C-UAS capability to ground vehicles, fixed platforms, and field troops that can counter heterogeneous drone swarms simultaneously. Because of its high bandwidth, the radiator can disrupt and destroy targets regardless of size or vulnerability.

Mobile C-UAS Video

C-UAS Strykers in Action

Mobile C-UAS capabilities must detect, identify, track, and defeat Group 1-3 enemy UAS. The capabilities require a proper mix of kinetic and non-kinetic defeat technologies. In 2022, DRS, with industry partners and USG support, completed a rapid prototyping effort to accelerate the delivery of a single vehicle C-UAS capability. In 2024, another DRS-led coalition is designing, integrating, and testing a C-UAS Directed Energy (DE) Stryker prototype. The complementary C-UAS Stryker capabilities operate as a section with greater stowed kills and the mobility, firepower, and protection to fight forward. This C-UAS Section is an important part of a layered defense for C-UAS protection.