Power-Dense Solutions for Advanced Ship Propulsion


Clive Wilgress-Pipe

Director, Business Development

DRS Naval Power Systems


Fitchburg, Massachusetts


+1 978 353 5500

Leonardo DRS provides integrated electric drive (IED) and hybrid electric drive (HED) ship propulsion solutions. HED arrangements can be gear-mounted or shaft-mounted.

Our motor and drive systems provide advantages in flexibility, modularity and commonality; supporting requirements for fuel savings and growing power efficiency demands on future ships.

Regardless of fuel prices, the more often you have to re-fuel a ship - when you are alongside the re-fueling ship - you are more vulnerable ... an HED propulsion system gives you more time on station and less time at risk.

Read below for more details on the benefits of our e-drive technology.

Improving Efficiency and Emissions

  • Prime movers operate at most efficient, constant speed,
  • Controllable pitch propellers may also be eliminated
  • Power generation equipment can be switched on and  off as needed 

Advancing Survivability & Flexible Architecture

  • Flexibility in locating the prime movers across the platform (IED)
  • Additional redundancy on the drive shaft (HED)
  • Ability to send the power where needed (IED)
  • No need to align prime movers with the shafting (IED)

Reducing Noise and Vibration

  • For all-electric configurations noise and vibration are improved by elimination of the main reduction gear
  • Shaft-mounted hybrid electric drive makes it possible to decouple the reduction gear 
  • Both configurations benefit from prime movers running at a constant speed

Lowering Maintenance Costs

  • Reduction of the total number of prime movers to maintain
  • Possible elimination of controllable pitch propellers and their support systems
  • Less wear and tear on prime movers as they are operated under less stressful conditions

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